Meet & Greet

At the Meet & Greet, we’ll fill out paperwork pertaining to your home and your pets, you can show me where everything is and take me through the daily routine.

VET INSTRUCTIONS / ADVANCE DIRECTIVE – Please complete the Vet Instructions found here before we meet. This file contains the “in case of emergency” information that can be difficult to complete, so I find it’s best to have a little time to fill it out before we meet rather than rush when we meet.

INSURANCE AND CONTRACT РPlease take a moment to review my Policies & Procedures and insurance and bond certificate.

KEYS – I will collect 2 keys, preferably to two separate entrances, if possible, or if not possible, then two keys to one entrance. I keep one key on me while caring for your pets and the other key in a lock box at home in case something should happen to the first. I recommend you allow me to keep your keys on file for future use after this first trip. It is free of charge and makes booking future trips easier. Plus, it allows you to avoid additional fees per key pick up and drop off.

PAYMENT – I will collect payment in full, cash or check. Your invoice is attached to the email I just sent you.

REFERENCES – I would be more than happy to provide references upon request!

Let me know if you have any questions!